About Us

We are a small, passonate , technical team who aim to use technology to its full pottential in business and personal worlds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the go to company for technology solutions.

Our Plan

We will continously evolve as technology advances and ensure our offering is always cutting edge, placing us ahead of the competion.

Our Vision

DCUK develop the finest solutions to empower businesses and the public with the technology to get the job done!.


DCUK specialise in mobile application design and build as well as bespoke website design. DCUK also constantly look at opportunities for automation and were technology can aid and accelerate business process.

Always observing

DCUK constantaly look for technology opportunities to accelerate your business

One company does it all

DCUK covers all aspects of mobile and web design so there is no need to use additional 3rd parties to meet your requirments


DCUK is dedicated to it's customers, you'll never feel alone with DCUK.

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Pinewood Bridge Road, Colby NR11 7EA
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